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East Africa and South Africa/Mozambique trades
Fuel surcharge - December 2014
26 studenoga 2014
Middle East trade
Fuel surcharge and caf - December 2014
26 studenoga 2014
East Africa and South Africa/Moçambique trades
Fuel surcharge applicable in November 2014
22 listopada 2014
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Nuove navi in costruzione

Terminal di Napoli - Imbarco eccezionale


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Your bridge over the ocean

The vessels of Ignazio Messina & C. S.p.A. have been offering for ninety years safe, rapid and reliable sea transportation between Southern Europe and the main Countries in the Mediterranean basin, Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Sub-Continent.

Messina services, your bridge over the ocean, to ensure quick and safe transportation of your commodities, of all kinds.


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