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Engineering excellence and operational flexibility branded Messina.

Our Shipping Company has a 21 ships fleet (among owned and leased), most of which are ro/ro units, carrying a total capacity of 40.200 TEU and 62.500 linear meters.
During the past few years, Ignazio Messina & C. put at its business plans centre and of course of its development strategy the huge investment settled to renovate the owning ships fleet, started in 2011 and accomplished in 2015.

The 8 new owned ships are a result of the italian excellence, as although built in the korean shipyards DSME and STX, they have been interely designed by the Company's specialists, and all of them fly italian flag.
The new Jolly Ships nicknamed "Precious" (Jolly Diamante, Jolly Perla, Jolly Cristallo, Jolly Quarzo, Jolly Titanio, Jolly Cobalto, Jolly Vanadio,and Jolly Palladio) are the biggest ro/ro containership in the world, and compared to the old units they offer :

- more loading capacity: from 26.900 to 45.200 tons (+70%)
- a more efficent transport service : from 0,51 to 0,44 tons a ship for every loading cargo ton (-14%)
- a biggest environmental care: from 65 to 33g of CO2 every loading cargo ton

New ships are characterized indeed by advanced technologies, and are also equipped with the most modern anti-pollution systems: they're fitted out with a sophisticated and original exhaust gas cleaning system, to be used at berth as well as at sea, and are awarded with the RINA GREENPLUS certificate, prooving the biggest respect for environment.

These new ships are highly specialized, and they guarantee also an extreme flexibility : they can operate indeed also in ports which are not equipped with ground cranes. The large loading stern ramp has a measure of 12,5 meters of minimum useful passage, ad it has a stern hold door which is 27 meters long and is 7 meters high: it permits to load every cargo type, such as containers, commercial vehicles, special cargos, varied and heavy goods.

Once board, there are three large independent gateways to the promenade deck, to the main deck and to the lower decks.
The full container leased ships offer instead the possibility of loading only containers and rolling stock on platform : loading and unloading procedures are performed indeed by ground cranes .


Fleet Specifications


Ship’s typology: Ro/Ro-Container
DWT: 45.200 Tons
Ctnr capacity: TEU 3.000
Ro/Ro capacity: lm 6.350
Length over all: m 239,00
Ship breadth: m 37,50
Load Area: sqm 18.630

Stern Ramp Capacity: 350 Tons
Stern Ramp Dimensions: 12,50m(W) x 50m(L)
Refrigerated Ctnr plugs: 200 plugs
Top ship’s speed: knots 21,5
Registered Flag: Italy
Classification Register: RINA-100 A.1.1 NAV L




Since February 3rd, 2011 Gruppo Messina S.p.A. is the first Italian shipping Group with an integrated logistics system to attain Environmental (ISO 14001) and Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001) Certification for all its activities. Protection for employees, third parties and community health and safety and reduction of environmental risks.


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