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Messina World, over 50 ports in 40 different countries

Medit Europa

Messina started calling Libya on a regular base in 1921. Afterwards the company extended its activities to all the North African countries and the Near East countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Today our regular liner services (Ro-Ro and Lo-Lo) cover the whole Med Area.

Middle East

Messina started calling ports via Suez Canal in 1935. Even during the canal closing period Messina was the only shipping company sailing under the Italian flag to cover the route from and to the Red Sea by circumnavigating Africa.

East and South Africa

Messina started calling ports through the Suez Canal in 1935. In the same year the company commenced a regular service to East Africa.

West Africa

Ignazio Messina has been serving this area for over 60 years.
Our service is not limited to the ports of landing, it goes further to inland destinations.