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The main hub of our shipping company is in the heart of Genoa.

In 1977, Ignazio Messina started to perform as terminal operator in the harbor of La Spezia, where he built a private terminal near the commercial port, obtaining the functional autonomy and further increasing his traffics.

Ignazio Messina & C. began to manage inland transports and became, by the late 1980s, one of the major intermodal operators (MTO) that was able to manage block trains in North and Center Italy.
Only in 1996, in conjunction with the rise of private terminal operators, the Company moved back to Genoa granting the concession of Molo Ronco, Calata Derna, and the background areas.

In October 2009, the Company took part in and won, after several disagreements, a tender notice to gain the space between Molo Canepa and Calata Tripoli.
Nowadays our Intermodal Marine Terminal, the new company name of Terminal Messina since 2016, is a real multipurpose terminal, a complex capable of moving any type of cargos except for liquids and dry bulk: containers, rolling cargos, general cargos, equipment, yachts, boats, and special cargos.

The extensive experience gained, together with the know-how of its workforce, allows the management of containers and various goods, from lashing and stuffing to a high standard, respecting the standards required by shipowners, up to the loading of cargo in lolo, roro, and break bulk modes, with a focus on the yachting and project cargo sectors. With the constant updating of skills and commitment to new challenges, IMT keeps pace with market changes, becoming the starting and ending point for the main players in shipping.

The recent reorganization has allowed for a significant improvement in productive efficiency and the quality of services offered. A one-stop-shop approach ensures shippers the certainty of a single reliable point of contact. In addition to traditional maritime services for containers, rolling cargo, general cargo and special cargo, IMT offers multiple weekly connections to/from the main and strategic intermodal hubs (Segrate, Dinazzano, Vicenza, and Rivalta Scrivia).

The internal railway park is available for all railway companies. Container logistics are facilitated by the storage, maintenance, and repair services for empty containers, which are always ready for loading, saving time and transfer costs. The 11,000 square meters of covered warehouse, the type 'C' customs warehouse, the VAT warehouse, the possibility of certified weighing (VGM), the large IMO and Reefer container park, and the 7,000 cubic meters of temperature-controlled storage make the Terminal's structure unique in the Genoese context. The container maritime services that call at IMT connect the Port of Genoa to all the main ports in the Mediterranean, Africa, the Red Sea, and the Middle East

Since 2021, IMT has increased its visibility in the port landscape, becoming a reference point for various types of cargo (aluminum, coils, pipes, project cargo, exceptional cargo, etc.), in addition to consolidating the management of rolling cargo, especially in the H/H sector and for major international producers of brand-new commercial vehicles. Last years saw the establishment of an important connection with the IPAK market. The implementation of a TOS (Terminal Operating System), through Edifact messaging and telemetry, enables the management of all operational activities, both dockside and landside.

The TOS, connected with the Port Community System 'E-port', makes all document operations quick and efficient, and through a digital interface, allows the creation of ad hoc reports according to customers' needs. IMT has three private access gates, two of which are road and one railway. In 2021, the renewal of the vehicle and equipment fleet continued, with the complete renewal of the 4x4 tractor fleet, the purchase of two new SafeNecks for towing loads up to 180 tons to meet the market trend of 'heavy cargo', and the commissioning of two ECH (fork-lifts) for the empty container yard, as well as some lifting accessories dedicated to various goods. 2021 also saw the consolidation of container traffic volumes, recording excellent performance in train in/out operations (+24% in volumes) and general cargo (+250%). Regarding berthing possibilities, dredging has resulted in a maximum depth of -13 meters, while the Ronco Ponente quay has a depth of -9 meters. The first phase of the Ronco-Canepa filling construction will be completed in the first half of 2023, resulting in the delivery of a new quay section of 300 linear meters and an adjacent area of approximately 2500 square meters. The future completion of the ongoing expansion will allow for the acquisition of new traffic and the creation of a new railway park with five tracks, increasing related traffic.

The implementation of an integrated Environmental Management System (UNI EN ISO 14001:2015) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (UNI ISO 45001:2018), certified by RINA and extended to all company activities, ensures compliance with legislative standards and guarantees reliability

Inland Logistics

A vertical and intermodal integration

Beyond the sea: the road and the railway.

Over the years, Ignazio Messina & C. S.p.A. has created an integrated and reliable logistics organization that permits to move about 80,000 trucks and 1,600 trains per year, thanks to the aid of rolling stocks.

The Company was one of the first intermodal operators (MTO) to develop and implement train services for its own traffic, connecting its inland terminals based in North and Center Italy to La Spezia firstly and since 1996 to Genoa.
Intermodal terminals are located in Milan, Brescia, Vicenza, and Dinazzano, are directly managed by Ignazio Messina & C. and offer reception, weighing, stowage, packaging, and customs practices services.


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Messina tenders


Selling tender procedure n°4/2022 of Ignazio Messina used containers
(October 14, 2022)

Selling procedure of 14X20' BOX ISO used

Ignazio Messina container selling tender n. 4/2022 

Used containers in  “as is” conditions released from Terminal Messina Segrate.  

Active procedure, deadline fixed on Friday, 28th October 2022, h 12:00 (GMT+1). 

Regulation and conditions as specified in the attachments. 

Selling tender procedure of Ignazio Messina used container
(September 9, 2022)

Selling procedure of 20X40 BOX ISO used

Selling procedure of 20X40 BOX ISO used  

Ignazio Messina container selling tender n. 3/2022 

Mixed batch of used containers in "wind & watertight" conditions and “as is” conditions released from IMT terminal Genoa.  

Active procedure, deadline fixed on Friday, 23th September 2022, h 12:00 (GMT+1). 

Regulation and conditions as specified in the attachments.

Selling procedure of 10X20 BOX ISO used
(September 9, 2022)

Ignazio Messina container selling tender n. 2/2022


Selling tender procedure of Ignazio Messina used container
(July 8, 2022)

Selling procedure of 8X20 BOX ISO + 10X40 BOX ISO used

Ignazio Messina container selling tender n. 1/2022