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(Nov 11, 2019, 12:45:50 PM GMT+1)


In order to comply with a new IMO 2020 Low Sulphur Regulation, all operated vessels around the globe are obliged to use the new marine fuel in which content 

is limited to 0,5 % of Sulphur.

The new IMO 2020 Low Sulphur Regulation impacts the global shipping industry and shipping costs are set to increase worldwide.


Ignazio Messina line as from 1st December 2019, will start to apply the new bunker adjustment factor (NBAF) based on the following formula:


Line Factor will be calculated separately for each different trade



Therefore all in rates will be splitted as follows: basic rates + new bunker adjustment factor

NBAF for December will consider the October average cost for VLSFO (Very Low Sulphur Oil)

NBAF will be updated on a monthly basis.


Please contact your local IM office/agent for any questions you may have.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.

Emergency Fuel Surcharge
(June 7, 2018)

Emergency Fuel Surcharge

The shipping fuel has become increasingly costly, as global crude oil prices have returned to peaks not reached since almost five years: therefore with immediate effect, due to the increase in bunker price, we have decided to introduce an Emergency Fuel Surcharge (EFS) involving all our Service Line Areas: 

East South Africa Line: 

  • from Northern Europe and West Med (POL Antwerp, Setubal/Lisbon, Leixoes, Barcelona, Castellon, Marseille, Genoa, Salerno, Piraeus) to South East Africa destinations (POD Mombasa, Dar Es Salaam, Mogadishu, Nacala, Beira, Maputo, Durban, Cape Town) as follows:

     Containers: USD 55/teu 
     Roro: USD 5/wm 

     First vessel: Jolly Cristallo 297 ETS Castellon 03/06/2018 
     BL date: 01/06/2018 
     Item: EFS 

     Validity: until further notice. 

  • from Mombasa & Dar Es Salaam to all destinations:

     Containers: USD 55/teu 

     Roro: USD 5/wm (to be applied on cars also) 

     First vessel: Jolly Quarzo 223 ETA Dar Es Salaam 10/06/2018 - ETA Mombasa 12/06/2018 
     BL date: 01/06/2018 
     Item: EFS 

     Validity: until further notice 

  • from Cape Town, Durban, Maputo, Nacala & Beira to all destinations:

     Containers: USD 55/teu 
     Roro: USD 5/wm (to be applied on cars also) - 

     First vessel: Jolly Diamante eta Durban 21/06 
     Item: EFS 

     Validity: until further notice. 

West Africa Line: 

  • from West Med to West Africa:

      Euro 40/Teu to be applied to any traffic 

     Effective from/v Calais Trader voy 276, ETS Genoa 7/6/18 

Mediterranean Line : 

  • from West Med to Medit POD:

   Containters:                        Euro 25/teu 
   Industrial Vehicles:              Euro 10 x l.m. 
   Cars:                                  Euro 30/unit 

   Effective from: 
    Libya, Malta and Lebanon:             m/v Miro voy.300 ETS Naples 13/06/18 
    Egypt and Turkey:                         m/v Jolly Cristallo voy. 297 ETS Genoa 09/06/18 
    Algeria.                                         m/v HH East voy. 298 ETS Genoa 15/06/18 
    Tunisia:                                        we'll return to this matter ASAP 


  • Outward POL from the Medit Area :

West African Destinations:                         Usd 50/teu 
East/South African Destinations:                Usd 50/teu 
Red Sea/Gulf Destinations:                        Usd 50/teu 
Intra-Med Destinations:                              Usd 15/teu 

Rolling cargo:                                            Usd   5 w/m 
Cars:                                                        Usd 30 x unit 

Effective from: 
    Outward from Tunis:                 m/v Zeran 302 ETS Tunis 13/06/18 
    Outward from Algers:               m/v HH East 298 ETS Algers 22/06/18 
    Outward from Mersin:               m/v Jolly Cristallo voy. 297 ETS Mersin 17/06/18 
    Outward from Alexandria:          m/v Jolly Cristallo voy. 297 ETS Alexandria 15/06/18 
    Outward from Libya:                 m/v Miro voy. 300 ETS Misurata  20/06/18 
    Outward from Beirut:                m/v Miro voy. 300 ETS Beirut  25/06/18 


Middle East Africa Line

  • from Aqaba, Jeddah, Port Sudan, Djibouti, Massawa, Uae, Iranian ports,  Upper Gulf,  India, Pakistan ports,  to all destinations  :


  • Containers: USD 50/teu   - euro  50 /teu 

    Roro: USD 5/wm - euro  5 w /m 
    cars: usd  75 /unit - euro  75 /unit

    Item: EFS 


Effective from  15.06.2018 - Gulf Service  m/v J. Vanadio Voy. 301r   - Jeddah mv J. Quarzo Voy. 223 r )

  • Validity: until further notice.

    We remind that this application must be always applied also for the special commitments in force (Only Sabic/Natpet/ESL excluded ) - eventual exemption to be authorized by Head Office only

Service to Nigeria
(December 27, 2017)

Palletization of Container Cargo

According to the recent resolution issued by Nigerian Federal Ministry of Finance, as from 01/01/2018 all containerized import cargoes destined to Nigeria from any port of loading will have to be palletized .
Any non-compliance with this rule will lead to the reshipment of the container and a penalty charged to the responsible parties.


Port Community System
(August 4, 2017)

Decreto Autorità Portuale

Come da decreto n. 00095 dell'Autorità Portuale, con decorrenza 1/8/2017 è istituita una tariffa di Euro 1,23 (+ IVA ove dovuta) per ogni unità di carico in entrata/uscita nel porto di Genova, a copertura del servizio di Port Community System.
Tale importo verrà da noi fatturato unitamente alle altre prestazioni accessorie al trasporto marittimo.

Sig. Gianfranco Messina
(July 12, 2017)


È mancato questa mattina, poco prima dell’alba, il Sig. Gianfranco Messina. Riferimento indiscusso della società e della famiglia Messina, assieme ai suoi due fratelli Giorgio e Paolo ha retto per lunghi anni densi di successi il timone della nostra azienda. Naturale anello di congiunzione tra storia e futuro, anche negli anni successivi e fino agli ultimi giorni, con la sua costante presenza in azienda insieme al fratello Paolo al fianco di figli e nipoti ha dispensato preziosi consigli e stimoli a tutta la struttura aziendale con la consueta motivazione. Ci mancherà.
Il Santo Rosario sarà recitato questa sera alle ore 19.00 presso la chiesa di Santa Teresa del Bambin Gesù (Genova, Via Guerrazzi 23), e il funerale avrà luogo domani 13 luglio alle ore 11.45 presso la medesima chiesa.


This morning, just before dawn, Mr. Gianfranco Messina passed away. Undisputed reference of the company and for his family, together with his two brothers Giorgio and Paolo, he successfully lead the guidance of our company for many years.

A natural link between history and future, even in the following years and up to the last few days, with his constant presence in the company together with his brother Paolo and his sons and grandchildren, he has given valuable advice and motivation to the entire company. We are all going to miss him.

The rosary will be recited today at 7 p.m. in che church of Santa Teresa del Bambin Gesù (Genoa, Via Guerrazzi 23) and the funeral will be tomorrow at 11.45 in the same church.

Jolly Nero Judgement
(May 17, 2017)

Jolly Nero

The judgement issued today by the court of Genoa regarding the dramatic accident involving the ship Jolly Nero  of  May  7th2013, in total respect of the families’ pain, marks an indisputable recognition: Gruppo Messina – under  the  supervision  of  Master  Giampaolo  Olmetti,  who  has  been  absolved –  employs  and manages  safe ships; the  collapse of the  control tower  is  thus  only  pertaining  to the  manoeuvre  in the  outer harbour of Genoa.  In this regard, wewill now have to wait for the motivationsfor the judgmentin order to know howthe judge has rebuilt the behaviour and the role of the various actorsduring this manoeuvre.

Containers to port Sudan
(April 21, 2017)


Effective from 25th April 2017 all containers will be discharged in Port Sudan at Free Out conditions.


Export to Egypt
(February 12, 2017)


On 30th December 2015 the Egyptian Government issued the Ministerial Decrees n. 992/2015 and 43/2016, as proposed by the Minister of Trade and Industry, concerning the creation of a Register of Factories and Companies authorized to export their products to Egypt.

The commodities listed at bottom of the Decrees themselves cannot be imported into Egypt if the foreign Factory producing them isn't officially registered in this record.

The Decrees will be effective from 1st March 2016. Further new rules issued by the Egyptian Central Bank provide that all documents covering a given shipment shall be sent by the Bank of Exporter to the Bank of Egyptian Receiver. By consulting the site of GOIEC (General Organization for Import & Export Control) through the link you will find any further information about this matter, specifically about the registration on said Register of Exporters, the documents required to comply with the new regulations on export to Egypt and the above mentioned Decrees.

Check of container seals
(January 22, 2017)


From 15th February 2016 we shall introduce a SEAL FEE amounting to EURO 5/CONTAINER to be charged on all full containers shipped from Italian/French/Spanish ports.

New Messinaline services
(January 12, 2017)


We would remind you our new services from/to :

the Adriatic Sea (KOPER for containers and rolling cargo)
Greece (PIRAEUS and THESSALONIKI for containers)
the Black Sea (NOVOROSSIJSK and CONSTANTA for rolling cargo)


CASABLANCA (Morocco) for containers, presently dedicated to cross trade cargo

to / from MIDDLE EAST, RED SEA, SOUTH EAST and WEST AFRICAN PORTS with transhipment in Genoa  

Kindly liaise with Ignazio Messina Genoa Head Office for further information.

New service to Mersin
(January 11, 2017)

Upgrade of East Med Line

Starting from m/v Jolly Diamante voy 008/2016 Ets Genoa on 28th January next, our Company will serve the port of MERSIN on regular basis accepting containers, rolling units and project cargo.

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